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Reduce manual moderation overhead with human-like AI classification.

Highly accurate AI that understands tone, context and setting. Trusted to review >10m posts per day.

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Video still of man using bad language
Video still of person abusing animal
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Reduce manual moderation overhead

Trust and safety classification that understands tone, context and setting.

Traditional approaches misclassify content because they don't take into account essential contextual information. Platforms remain reliant on humans to review content flagged or missed by AI. Meanwhile harmful content remains on your platform.

Unitary considers all signals in the context they appear to provide human-like, common sense classifications - enabling you to reduce reliance on expensive manual moderation and better protect your users.

Market-leading moderation, specialists in image and video

Human-like classification

Consider all signals together.

Context matters: sometimes a t-shirt is just a t-shirt, but a different caption can make it something else entirely.

And words can be cryptic: sometimes the image helps to make sense of them.

By considering signals together, just like a human would, Unitary enables you to make more accurate classifications. This means better user experience, less time reviewing inaccurate judgments and more time for your moderators to focus on what matters.

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Custom AI

Models custom-fit to your detailed trust and safety guidelines

Ready-to-use products

Off-the-shelf models that take into account tone, context and setting to deliver significant increases in accuracy

Fast processing

Power real-time customer journeys and workflows


Process tens of millions of pieces of content per day

We help you to identify:

Crime & harmful acts
Hate speech, aggression & toxicity
Sexually suggestive content
Child safety
Obscenity & profanity
Social issues
Fighting, death & injury
and many more!

Trusted by our partners

Learn how Unitary can help you reduce costs and protect users

We partner with platforms and organisations of all sizes looking to reduce moderation costs and protect users.