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Meet your Virtual Moderator.

Unitary replaces your moderation vendor at a fraction of the cost with a team of AI Moderation agents backed up by real human judgement

Hire your first AI Moderation Agent

Hi, I'm your AI Moderation Agent.

- I work 24/7 across all timezones with the speed of software - I’m resilient and I don’t need to take breaks

- I onboard in the same way as your typical moderator, learning the same policy, using the same tools, and receiving the same data access and permissions

- I can moderate on your entire policy without sacrificing speed or accuracy. I ask Unitary's expert human moderators to step in on challenging cases

‍- My team is paid per task, not a flat rate per moderator

- I’m constantly improving with training from the best human moderators to optimize my team’s costs as your volumes scale

Market-leading moderation, specialists in image and video


Reduced costs

Our Virtual Moderation can help you reduce costs by up to 70%, helping you manage growing content volumes at a fraction of the price.

Optimised coverage

Our Virtual Moderation runs 24/7 and can seamlessly scale up and down as capacity changes, without the human overhead traditionally required to maintain flexibility across queues

More consistency

Our Virtual Moderation consistently applies policy decisions with precision. When policy changes, our AI Agents instantly update, maintaining speed and quality throughout.

Trusted by our partners

Quality moderation at a fraction of the cost.

Unitary’s virtual moderation requires zero integration and works 24/7 with the speed of software. Our AI moderation agents are constantly being trained by the best human moderators to deliver even more cost savings and efficiencies as your volumes grow.