Take action to improve online safety

Harmful content is unfortunately common on the internet. Every day, more than 80 years' worth of new video footage is uploaded to social media, along with hundreds of millions of posts containing text and images. Humans cannot possibly keep up. Unitary's state-of-the-art technology interprets online content at scale, incorporating context to build up a complete understanding.

Safety must become a priority. Remove all risks.

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Strengthen your community with Unitary's customisable AI

Make sure your users and your ambassadors are aligned with your beliefs and values. We understand that every community and every brand has its own definition of safety. Unitary's customisable technology allows everyone to be protected. Whether you are looking for general NSFW moderation or to identify a particular type of content, Unitary's AI can customise to your needs.

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Unitary's Risk API allows you to effortlessly check for a variety of customisable content types that might be unsafe for your users, community or brand. We flag inappropriate content so you can take action. Screen all posts, past and present, to make sure you're covered.

Expose harmful content. Act now.

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Brand safety

Stay informed of how your brand is portrayed online. Screen brand ambassadors so you know they are a safe choice.

Detect harmful behaviour

Unitary's AI interprets online images and videos in context. We use a range of signals to quickly interpret even subtle behaviours.

Content Moderation

Automate your moderation processes to safeguard your platform. We operate at scale to identify harm and allow you to act fast.

Protect your community

Avoid any risks and keep your community safe. Prioritize the safety of your users and stay alert to any issues as they arise.

Whatever your safety requirements, we are here to help.
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Founding Team


Co-founder and CEO

Sasha Haco

Before entering the startup world, Sasha was using mathematics to solve the mysteries of the universe. During her PhD at Cambridge she worked with Stephen Hawking on the black hole information paradox and spent a year as a visiting fellow at Harvard.



Co-founder and CTO

James Thewlis

James has a PhD in computer vision from Oxford's Visual Geometry Group, where he developed methods for visual understanding with less manual annotation. He has worked with Facebook AI Research and has published at top international conferences.


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Unitary's hate speech model, Detoxify, featured in Scientific American

How AI Is Learning To Identify Toxic Online Content

"Unitary, an EF alumnus, raises £1.3M seed for its content moderation AI"

Unitary was recognised in TechRound's 29 Under 29 list of 2020.

Unitary's detoxify (a simple python library to detect hate speech and toxic comments online) was featured in Jack Clark's newsletter

Unitary's CEO listed on Beauhurst as one of the UK's top female entrepreneurs under 30

Unitary featured on a special episode of Reid Hofman's Masters of Scale podcast

Unitary was selected as one of 10 startups to join Google's Women Founders Residency programme

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