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5 billion hours of video played every day

We build context-aware AI to detect harmful content and keep brands and platforms safe

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Over 80 years worth of new video footage is uploaded to the internet. Every day.

That's an overwhelming amount. Human moderators can’t possibly keep up with the ever-increasing volume of content, and they shouldn’t have to. Combining human reviewers with automated solutions is the most effective form of content moderation, and it’s the only way to keep up with the pace and scale of the challenge.

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Specialists in multimodal AI

Video makes up 80% of online traffic, but up until now it’s been notoriously difficult to moderate

Unitary specialises in video moderation, incorporating visual, audio and textual signals into a single algorithm. We process over 25,000 frames of video per second, with human-level accuracy. That’s over three billion images a day.

Context is critical

Our technology interprets content in context, just as a human would

Context really matters: nudity in a medical context carries very different significance to nudity in a sexual context. We understand those nuances, and evaluate the text around a post, as well as the visuals.

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Custom AI

Our models can be tailored to your unique policies and content types.

Real-Time Analysis

From batch uploads to real-time processing, we can flex latencies to meet your needs.

Accuracy at Hyperscale

Our AI scales with demand, maintaining human-level accuracy at unprecedented scale.

Industry Standards

We’re compliant with the GARM Brand Suitability Framework.

Our labels include categories such as:

Crime & Harmful Acts
Hate Speech, Aggression & Toxicity
Sexually Suggestive Content
Child Safety
Obscenity & Profanity
Social Issues
Fighting, Death & Injury
and many more!

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