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Introducing Unitary's GARM Plug and Play: Move Beyond Mere Object Recognition

Take your brand safety strategy to the next level with Unitary’s unique Plug and Play solution. Without pre-training or extended deployment, you can gain pinpoint accuracy in areas where traditional object recognition fails. Learn how Unitary is revolutionising the world of content moderation for brand safety specialists.


Table of contents

GARM Plug and Play

The industry is moving towards policy based content regulation and object recognition no longer keeps up with demand. It’s time to switch. Unitary introduces a truly plug and play solution for ensuring brand safety. With no extended deployment or pre-training requirements, your business can begin accurately implementing the industry standard for brand safety within minutes. Just submit an image or video and receive a category and risk level according to the GARM Brand Safety Framework. Here are three reasons why you can't afford to miss out on this game-changing tool:

N.1: Unitary delivers truly multimodal analysis 

Our multimodal approach enables human-level understanding and it’s what allows us to stand out from the competition (learn more about it here). 

Rather than just analysing images, audio or text separately, our approach combines all modalities to provide a more accurate classification. Unlike other solutions that ignore vital contextual cues, we ensure that each signal is understood within the broader context of the content being analysed. This results in the most comprehensive and accurate classification possible.

Take a video of pills and a syringe, for example. Most solutions might categorise it as unsafe regardless of the context, often resulting in misclassification. But with our GARM Plug and Play solution, we consider the caption, metadata, and surrounding context, providing a more nuanced and accurate interpretation. 

How the caption of a video can drastically change its meaning. Image via Unitary.

Imagine being able to trust that an ad is always guarded from adjacency to unsafe content, without having to constantly monitor and adjust your brand safety measures. With our multimodal approach, you can rest easy knowing that all content is accurately classified, with considerably fewer false positives and negatives. 

N.2: Full implementation of highly nuanced content policies

Thanks to our multimodal foundations, Unitary’s GARM Plug and Play learns and implements nuanced brand safety policies to make human-level moderation decisions. 

Don't settle for a solution that only focuses on detecting objects like weapons, blood, or nudity. Content moderation is about more than that. Social networks have policies regarding what is and isn't acceptable content, and that's where we come in. With our unique approach, we automate the process of classifying content to fit these policies. 

We believe it's not just about detecting nudity or violence, it's about accurately understanding the meaning and context behind visual content. This is why our solutions can identify and flag inappropriate language or objectification that might slip through other filters. We understand that violent content could be portrayed in different ways, and the setting or tone of content can drastically impact its safety. That's where we come in - we get it!

What's more, our tool is designed to be incredibly easy to use. By implementing a 'policy model' layer, we enable brands and platforms to create and enforce their own detailed policies effortlessly. Our advanced algorithm synthesises all the elements of an image or video, just like a human would, to accurately predict risk levels based on your unique policy. 

N.3: Unitary offers seamless compliance 

Our seamless GARM compliance is unmatched, providing clients with the confidence they need to implement industry-standard brand safety measures. We consistently evolve with GARM, staying ahead of the headwinds as new categories are added. 

Unlike other solutions that rely on object recognition to categorise content, we know that brand safety requires more than just mapping detected objects to GARM categories. Doing brand safety right involves moderation of content that may have slipped through user safety filters, yet still contains material that is unsuitable for advertising spaces. That’s why we offer comprehensive moderation and positioning alignment to ensure brands are represented in the best light possible. 

It's ‘seamless’ because no upfront effort, such as internal policy or technical resources, is required. Our team makes it easy for you to detect harmful, criminal, and aggressive acts, including those that cannot be detected with violent objects. Additionally, we can differentiate between real, fictional, dramatic, artistic, and educational/scientific settings with ease.

Are you ready to get brand safety right? See how Unitary’s GARM Plug and Play performs on your data.