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About us

We are building multimodal AI to understand content in context, accurately and at scale

Photo of the team of Unitary
About us

Our co-founders, James and Sasha, met at Entrepreneur First (a talent investor that helps ambitious people meet their co-founders). They got talking and realised they had something pretty big in common: a desire to solve challenging, real-world problems - and a fascination with online safety.

After digging into the inner workings of content moderation, James and Sasha found that platforms didn’t have the tools or information they needed to keep users safe online, or to create truly thriving communities.

This is when Unitary was born.

Unitary was founded to help brands and platforms understand every piece of content in detail. We do this by building context-aware AI and multimodal machine learning methods to interpret content in context.

Our Mission

Make the internet safer by helping brands and platforms understand their content accurately, swiftly and at scale.

A robot scanning video files
Video still of man using bad language
Video still of person abusing animal
Video still of drugs
Video still of person with weapons
Founding team
Sasha Haco
Co-founder & CEO

Before co-founding Unitary, Sasha was using physics to solve the mysteries of the universe. During her PhD at Cambridge she worked with Stephen Hawking on the black hole information paradox, and spent a year as a visiting fellow at Harvard.

James Thewlis
Co-founder & CTO

James experienced the complexities of content moderation first hand whilst at Facebook and Reddit. He has a PhD in Computer Vision from Oxford, where he developed methods for visual understanding with less manual annotation.

talent from around the world

We have some of the best talent from around the globe working on building a safer internet.

UK team
EU Team
USA Team
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We have an amazing and diverse team

We believe that a more diverse company is a stronger company.

Learn more about:

At Unitary, we’re on a mission to create a safer online environment. Our core values are:

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Fiercely passionate

Boldly ambitious to make the internet a safer place, and deeply motivated to be a force for good. We approach serious challenges with playfulness and determination.

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Endlessly curious

Curiosity and openness lead to unexpected innovation. We believe the best ideas emerge when we have open minds, experimental attitudes and eagerness to explore the unknown.

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Unbeatable as a team

As individuals we are awesome, but as a team, we are unbeatable. We build on each other’s strengths and lean in on each other's expertise

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United through diversity

We embrace our different backgrounds and experiences. We recognise that a more diverse team is a stronger team.

Want to help us make the internet a safer place?
Join our team

Our scalable technology helps you accurately understand content.

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Save time and money

Our cloud infrastructure is fully scalable, tagging accurately and at speed. Talk to us about our pricing model and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

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Prevent a moderation crisis

We assess every aspect of every upload, and flag harmful content immediately.

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Seamlessly integrate innovative technology

We collaborate with top universities and hire exceptional engineers. Through new research and talent we deliver game-changing solutions.

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Customise your tools

Our product can be tailored to your specific moderation policies, and according to new regulations as they emerge.

Want to help us make the internet a safer place?
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