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Solutions tailored to your use case

Unitary supports customers across trust and safety, brand safety and ad safety.
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Trust and safety

Reduce manual moderation overhead, protect users and uphold your community standards. Ready-to-use industry standard classification or custom-fit to your detailed guidelines.

More accurate classification means fewer cases that need human review and fewer mistakes that lead to user reports. Reduce reliance on expensive manual moderation; let your moderators focus on the most important cases; and minimise the time harmful content is on your platform.

  • Social networks, forums and online communities
  • Content creation and sharing platforms
  • Dating apps
  • Marketplaces
  • Content moderation platforms

Brand Safety

GARM category coverage:

Adult & explicit sexual content
Debated sensitive social issue
Arms & ammunition
Crime & harmful acts
Death, injury or military conflict
Hate speech & acts of aggression
Obscenity and profanity
Illegal drugs, tobacco & alcohol

Advertise responsibly, protect brand reputation and maximise monetisation. Ready-to-use industry standard classification, including GARM, or custom-fit to your use case and guidelines.

AI classification that understands tone, context and setting enables platforms to make highly nuanced brand safety decisions that balance brand reputation with monetisation.

  • Social platforms
  • Adtech companies
  • Creator economy and influencer marketing

Ad safety

Protect publisher and platform reputations whilst maximising ad revenue. Ready-to-use products or custom-fit to particular guidelines.

  • Social/publisher platforms
  • Adtech companies

Learn how Unitary can help you reduce costs and protect users

We partner with platforms and organisations of all sizes looking to reduce moderation costs and protect users.