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Global Advertising Heavyweights Support Unitary to Foster Strategic Partnerships

Unitary is proud to welcome global advertising leaders, Carolyn Everson and Meg Haley, to their team. They will support Unitary in expanding commercial partnerships and driving revenue opportunities.


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Picture of Carolyn Everson, Unitary Board Member (left) and Meg Haley, Unitary Commercial Advisor (right).
Carolyn Everson, Unitary Board Member (left) and Meg Haley, Unitary Commercial Advisor (right).

Carolyn Everson and Meg Haley have joined Unitary's team, bringing over 30 years of experience as global executives in leading brands and tech companies.

Unitary, a startup specializing in visual understanding AI, develops market-leading context-aware AI products to detect harmful video content and ensure the safety of brands and platforms. Their AI combines the strengths of human moderation (accurate video classification) with the benefits of automated detection (speed and scalability). Video makes up 80% of online traffic, easily outpacing human capacity for review.  Unitary’s solution focuses on classifying video content with human-level accuracy and consistency, reducing the burden on human moderators.

Carolyn Everson, former executive at Meta, joins Unitary as a new board member to support commercial partnerships. Meg Haley assumes the role of Commercial Advisor, also providing support to Unitary in the brand safety space and driving revenue opportunities.

Navigating the Economic Landscape

Economically speaking, 2022 proved to be a tumultuous year, with startups worldwide facing significant challenges. However, Unitary's cutting-edge AI technology and socially responsible mission have enabled them to secure funding despite the state of the economy.

The addition of influential board leader Carolyn Everson undoubtedly strengthens Unitary's ability to navigate these turbulent times. With her leadership experience in leading companies (including Microsoft, Meta, and Instacart) and her involvement on brand-leading boards (Coca-Cola and Walt Disney), Carolyn brings invaluable insights to Unitary’s breakthrough in the market.

Carolyn's socially responsible approach, demonstrated through her involvement in non-profit initiatives, strongly aligns with Unitary's core values as a company.

"Having worked at Meta, I deeply understand the problem that Sasha and James are aiming to solve at Unitary. We will all benefit from their mission to make the internet a safer and more enjoyable place, and I look forward to working closely with the team to make this a reality." Carolyn Everson, Angel Investor and Unitary Board Member

Meg Haley's extensive experience with platforms will be instrumental in elevating Unitary's role in the brand safety space. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous roles at Coca-Cola and Twitter, where she dealt directly with brand safety challenges.

"During my time at Twitter, I witnessed firsthand the importance of brand safety and the complexity of moderating content, especially video. Keeping people safe requires a deep understanding of a post’s context. Unitary is uniquely positioned to tackle both video moderation and contextual understanding. And I am excited to support this team and collaborate with our key partners in advancing brand safety and internet health." Meg Haley, Former Revenue Product Organization Leader at Twitter Revenue Product Specialist and Unitary Commercial Advisor

Importantly, both Carolyn and Meg share a deep interest in AI and an appetite for change. They understand the significance of Unitary's product for the brand safety challenge and its vision for a safer internet.

A Stellar Team

Carolyn and Meg will be joining an already exceptional team of highly skilled engineers and commercial executives. As a remote-first company from day one, Unitary is committed to attracting top talent and recognises that people committed to the vision of a safer internet are all over the globe. Since September 2022, they have more than doubled in size, and should increase by another 50% in the next six months.

Additionally, they have recently expanded and solidified their research function to stay at the forefront of the industry and avoid product stagnation. Their research revolves around general contextual video understanding models and nurturing their open-source offerings.

Expanding Product Offerings

The tech safety market is complex and multi-layered, with each online community and digital space presenting unique challenges.

Recognizing the need for automated video classification tools, Unitary leveraged its video understanding capabilities and introduced a GARM Plug & Play solution. This allows platforms to seamlessly integrate industry standards laid out by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM). With this classifier, platforms and apps are empowered with information about all text, image, and video content featured on their sites, giving confidence back to advertisers and users.

Unitary has formed partnerships with social media companies like Heyday, enabling them to translate detailed and unique content policies into nuanced and consistent moderation decisions. All of Unitary's solutions are multimodal and adaptive, enabling them to classify content according to comprehensive and nuanced policies by understanding all elements of a video and its meaning.

Looking ahead, Unitary aims to expand partnership opportunities, grow its team, and further enhance its unique video understanding capabilities. Unitary will be present at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival 2023, participating in discussions on brand safety and AI. They are eager to deepen their industry relations even further.

If you are also attending Cannes and would like to connect, contact Unitary at or fill out the form below.